Microsoft Word becoming a single amongst the most extensively utilised Microsoft applications makes it possible for customers to create and produce, view, copy, paste, save, edit, share, and print text documents and so forth. Microsoft Word application guidelines the word-processing industry as it makes it possible for customers to beautify their text documents by inserting photographs and animated pictures, charts, diagrams, tables, figures, and shapes and so forth. and by making use of text in distinctive designs, fonts, colors, and languages and so forth. at the exact same time. Given that its launch, Microsoft Word has tremendously decreased users' burden of producing various documents at a time, copying them to an additional word file, and operating grammar & spell-verify function and so forth. With the time, Microsoft Word (MS-Word) also progressed to new versions such as MS-Word 2003 and 2007. Under are some of the substantial options that distinguish MS-Word 2007 and MS-Word 2007:


Microsoft-Word 2003 – It comprises many menu tabs as effectively as tool bars that consist of lots of buttons. These buttons/options can be customized to give command access.

Microsoft-Word 2007 – It makes use of a user-friendly interface identified as 'Ribbon'. It comprises 7 menu tabs viz. 'Home', 'Page Layout', 'References', 'Mailings', 'Review', and 'View'. There is an 8th tab also known as 'Developer' that is even so turned off by the default settings. Each Ribbon tab consists of distinctive buttons along with drop down menus. Nonetheless, compared to MS-Word 2003, the Ribbon interface in MS-Word 2007 is not customizable.

File Format:

MS-Word 2003 – It makes use of DOC file format for saving text documents. Nonetheless, customers will have to download a compatibility pack for opening DOCX files.

MS-Word 2007 – It makes use of DOCX file format, which is an open XML typical format. It is the extensively utilised file format for opening XML files. The customers also have the decision of saving their documents/files in DOC format.

Document Inspector:

MS-Word 2003 -It comprises 'Remove Hidden Data' add-in, which is a tool to eliminate document's hidden or visible information and facts like private and so forth. Nonetheless, the add-in does not a user make modifications to document's properties.

MS-Word 2007 – It comprises 'Inspect Document' command that is when executed provides a list of solutions like versions, comments, annotations, document properties, customized XML information, private information and facts, or revisions amongst other individuals. The Inspect Document function makes it possible for customers to delete above pointed out solutions as per their needs.

Swift Components:

MS-Word 2003 – It comprises 'AutoText' function that enables customers to define, edit, insert, and save text.

MS-Word 2007 – It comprises 'Quick Parts' that makes it possible for customers to stay its text plain or add formatting or graphics. The function will be accessible in 'Insert' tab.

Swift Access Toolbar:

Word 2003 – It comprises no such function and a user has to go by way of the complete menu tab to get access to its often-utilised commands such as save, edit, or undo and so forth.

Word 2007 – It comprises 'Quick Access Toolbar' that is created to save the commands utilised once again and once again overly by a user although producing a text document. Such commands or options could be something from undo, repeat, clip art, or to save and so forth. You can get immediate access to such commands or options by customizing your 'Quick Access Toolbar'. You only have to have to add/insert your often utilised commands/options to the toolbar by just correct clicking on them and then clicking on 'Add to Swift Access Toolbar'.

Mail Merge Wizard:

MS-Word 2003 – It comprises 'Mail Merge Wizard' that does enable a user to send customized messages. Nonetheless, the wizard has severe concerns with Microsoft Excel attachments. It indicates you will not be capable to import your information for emailing from Microsoft Excel documents.

MS-Word 2007 – It has an enhanced 'Mail Merge Wizard' that makes it possible for a user to sort and send customized messages to all the recipients without having requiring to go by way of the procedure of CC and BCC in the mail account. Just after you have typed your mail to all the recipients, the wizard would forward them to your Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express outbox. Anytime you go on the web in your Microsoft Outlook, your Outlook will automatically send all the customized messages to each and every of the addresses. Thus, the wizard wonderfully saves you from typing letter or documents to each and every and every single recipient with their person information and facts.

The comparison of options has brought us to the conclusion that MS-Word 2007 becoming the sophisticated word processor has a clear edge more than MS-Word 2003. Nonetheless, no matter which of the two software program applications you have, you might knowledge trouble with them anytime. For that matter, you can appear for a Microsoft-certified technical assistance that resolves your concerns on the web.